Monday, 20 August 2007

Tribute to Thoreau

Civil Disobedience - H.D. Thoreau feat. Ron Paul


soulmantim said...

I'm trying to make a video of ron paul supporters around the world.
I need pic/video of you and your group in front of a monument of your country holding a Ron Paul banner or something like that to show your support. Here is the video. I'm trying to form a International Partners of Peace, the more responses I get the easier it is for me to make the video. I think I'm going to go on the radio on friday and promote it.

Friend said...

wow... as a young American, i'm so moved right now. We're working very hard for him here in the States. Civil Disobedience, yes,... to say nothing of Self-Reliance (!)... or lest we forget Friedrich...

Thanks for your support -- WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Fabio Bossi said...

Hi friend,

you work hard for could we not support you?
Please succeed!

Best whishes!


Karla said...

You guys are the greatest!! Thanks for ALL that you do to help us get our country back from this tyranny that we now live under. Thanks for ALL of the Loud Voices heard by the MSM Across the Waters from you to Ron Paul. We've got a Revolution to WIN and We intend to WIN IT in 2008 with Dr./Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.