Sunday, 12 August 2007

The snowball is only beginning to pick up momentum...

Romney wasn't burned in a day

Posted by Max Raskin at 10:37 PM

Though everyone would have liked to see Paul come in the top three, I think this is realistically what everyone was expecting. Grassroots campaigning takes time; thankfully, this is something that Paul has enough of.

The most encouraging news of the day was by the end of the festivities, people wearing Romney tee-shirts were wandering into the Paul tent to find out more about the Congressman.

There is a genuine interest in the libertarian message of limited government.
With Paul announcing that the campaign had raised over $75,000 in one day this week and the media starting to take notice, there is little doubt that Paul will remain a presence in this race. Furthermore, as the real second-tier candidates start dropping out, their supporters will have to go somewhere, along with the attention the media has devoted to them. If Paul sticks to his message, people will embrace it--they just need to discover it.

The snowball is only beginning to pick up momentum...

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