Wednesday, 15 August 2007

They love Ron Paul

The New York Times is taking notice of the international support for Ron Paul.

"Ils Aiment Ron Paul" - "They Love Ron Paul"

August 13, 2007, 2:29 pm

Ils Aiment Ron Paul
By Sarah Wheaton

Republicans have not been known recently for their warmth toward the French. But at least one contender for the G.O.P. nomination has developed a dedicated, if small, fan base in Paris: Representative Ron Paul of Texas, an anti-Iraq war libertarian.
The blog “Ron Paul France - Le Journal de Campagne” is leading the movement there, translating Mr. Paul’s policies and television appearances into French and analyzing American politics.
Maintained by “Emmanuel,” a 36-year-old Parisian, the blog muses on such topics as “The Major American Media and Ron Paul: An Organized Boycott?” and “Why Ron Paul Will Systematically Gain the Republican Nomination.”
So far, 44 people have “demanded” Mr. Paul visit Paris on, and the “blogosphère Ronpaulienne” extends beyond France. Other blogs include “Bavaria for Ron Paul” (supporters rallied on July 4 in Munich), “Ron Paul Brazil” and “Belgians for Ron Paul,” in Flemish.

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