Friday, 17 August 2007

Britain Loves Ron Paul!

Thank you Brits4RonPaul!

Let`s show ´em how loud we can get.

Britain Loves Ron Paul!


Matt Davies said...


How about we all go to the US in the week the big election is on and help with the final push!


Fabio Bossi said...

That`s a great idea and it would be a lot of fun!


Avid Alchemist said...

Howdy from the Lone Start State of the US, Texas! We would love to have you guys come and join us here to show your support. I don't think any other candidate in this campaign can say they have international support like Ron Paul does.

I know that many of my fellow countrymen are blind to the issues that the world sees, and how it reflects on our country. Our media is controlled by an elite few who are brainwashing our masses.

What would help some of us is having an objective outside opinion on our situation. Helping us understand that the world sees us in a different light that what our media presents.

Thanks for all the support! Ron Paul 2008!

Fabio Bossi said...

Hi Alchemist,

we`re kind of in the same situation over here. Indeed, it could be even worse. In Europe the mainstream is very state-trusting.
I know of no european constitution am man like Ron Paul would even consider worth fighting for.
Not the EU-one for sure.

And Ron Paul is being completely ignored by the media.

Guess why we`re doing this.

Best whishes from Germany!