Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Strasbourg Tea Party

Let`s get this thing rolling!

Check out the Ron Paul International Forum for more. Be part of it, make it grow, make it happen!


Tea Party said...

Please check out the national Boston Tea Party event we are planning for locations around the US!

Email me at

Tea Party said...

Unfortunately the original thread got accidentally deleted by the moderator on DailyPaul. Please use the link below rather than the one I mentioned in the first comment. Thanks.

Patt said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the video! After watching it, I understood why some commented it brought tears for them, it moved them emotionally. Thank you from one that lives in Texas.

Lincoln said...

Hi, I live in England and would like to show up for the Strasbourg Tea Party, but I need information on time/place/contact details of organizers, Etc.Please help. Thanks.