Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Ron Paul, the Expatriate's Patriot


Ron Paul gives the more than five million Americans living abroad the opportunity to hold their heads a little, no, a lot higher. Having spent twelve of the last fourteen years abroad, in Chile, Malaysia, and South Korea, this writer, for one, has never felt prouder to be an American than in the recent months since Dr. Paul of Texas launched his presidential bid. And if this Incomplete List of Ron Paul Blogs is any indication, our foreign hosts and friends are catching on as well:

Asia for Ron Paul
Bavaria for Ron Paul
Belgians for Ron Paul
Brits for Ron Paul
Brazilians for Ron Paul
Canadians for Ron Paul
Chile for Ron Paul
French for Ron Paul
Europe 4 Ron Paul
Holland 4 Ron Paul
Hungary for Ron Paul
Ron Paul Spanish
Indian & Pakistani Friends of Ron Paul
Poland for Ron Paul
Romania for Ron Paul
Venezuela for Ron Paul

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