Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Brothers and Sisters in Liberty

This is a message from the USA we want to share with all freedom loving people:

Brothers and Sisters in Liberty,
Europeans and Expats alike:

I wish to thank you all, every single one of you, for your strong support of Ron Paul`s campaign. As you know, we don`t really support the man himself, we support the idea and dream of Liberty, which he so strongly advocates. It warms my heart to see so many people from across the world coming together to advance the dream of freedom. No matter what happens, I will remember this time in my life with great fondness. I will remember that in this time of many troubles, diverse, unconnected people put aside their nationalities, such petty differences, and began to speak in a common voice, small but growing, in order to tell all the world that we will have Liberty.
This broad effort is no longer just an American struggle to take back Liberty; it has come to embody the hope and desire of Liberty for all. This particular campaign is one for Americans to fight, it is our struggle. But it does not end here, no matter what the outcome is. Whether or not the American people reject the ideas that Ron Paul represents, I will not forget the noble stand taken by Europeans in this cause.
When in due time you have your own "Ron Paul" rise up, whether he is Spanish, German, English, French, Belgian or Danish, Italian, Croat, or Slovak, please know that I will support you as you fight for Liberty in your homeland.
Your support greatly helps me to keep on going, to keep pushing and pushing against the old, established order. It is a very great comfort to know that I am not alone, that across the world there are others who will do what they can for Liberty, even if they don`t stand to gain directly.
I thank you again for your support.

May the Strasbourg Tea Party be as successful as we hope the American Tea Party will be!

With Liberty and Justice for all!


This video, that was made in Poland, fits in perfectly to that message we all fight for:

Freedom Under Siege/Together We're Invincible

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John said...

Thank you all for your support: for our cause of liberty in the USA, for our champion, Dr. Ron Paul, and, most of all, for your own fight for freedom.
You can not know how heartening it is to know how many others share our vision for our nation and for the world.
Keep up the good work!