Thursday, 25 October 2007

USA Daily welcomes Ron Paul supporters to their forum

USA Daily welcomes Ron Paul supporters and supporters of all of the candidates from either party into our newly launched USA Daily Forum that has just been launched in beta.
The controversy around the banning of Ron Paul supporters on Redstate, the conservative blog, seems to be indicative of a growing mentality regarding political expression.The limited time given to certain media non-preferred candidates running in either party, including Ron Paul, during the debates in this election, is a perfect example of an elitist mindset from members of the media. In the case of Ron Paul and the Republican primary, the idea that media generated polls should determine which candidates have a legitimate shot at winning the nomination instead of the actual amount of money raised is ridiculous. Ron Paul’s campaign at the end of the third quarter had 5.4 million dollars on hand, about a million dollars less than Fred Thompson and about half of what Giuliani has for the primary. Ron Paul’s campaign has pointed out that McCain’s campaign is actually in debt and that Huckabee has about $700,000 in cash. If McCain and Huckabee have a shot at winning, so does Ron Paul.
Ron Paul has generated crowds of 1-2 thousand people at various rallies across the country. Paul's campaign has raised almost 1.8 million this month and is on pace to raise about 2.5 million by the end of the month in online donations alone. Clearly there is support.It should also be noted that in 1996 Pat Buchanan was polling at 1-2% a few weeks prior to the New Hampshire primary even though he ended up winning it. We believe in free and fair elections and that only the voters can decide who has a legitimate shot at winning an election. We don’t know who will win the election but to claim that certain candidates can’t win implies that it isn’t really an election. We do understand that Redstate has their reasons for banning new Ron Paul supporters and they are certainly within their rights in determining the quality of the online community that they provide.
Our new forum is in Beta but we hope that voting by members on stories and posts will act as a self governing mechanism for the most part. Of course we will expect civility and professional behavior from all members of our forum regardless of political affiliation. Our forum is located on a separate website and is designed to allow for interactivity with our readers while still maintaining the integrity of our news site

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