Friday, 26 October 2007

Maybe we're just not classifiable

The Online-"Nebuchadnezzar"of the Ron Paul rEVOLution,, attracts a fabulous diversity of outstanding people, struggling united - for their liberty, their country and their constitution.
Here is one answer BobW gave in the forum-section, which discribes the uniqueness of this social movement:

Maybe we're just not classifiable

On October 26th, 2007 BobW says:

"I'm only a "Republican" because I registered as one so I can vote for Paul in the primary. But then I'm not a Democrat either, as I don't favor socialism, illegal immigration, or government enforced racial discrimination (a.k.a. "affirmative action"). On fiscal policy both parties are hopeless -- tax and spend (Democrats) or borrow and spend (Republicans). On foreign policy both parties seem to accept the notion that it is our country's job to play world cop.

Ron Paul is attracting a lot of people who have no place else to go.

My answer:

"I love that answer! I`ve got to blog it!

"Ron Paul is attracting a lot of people who have no place else to go."

As a German citizen living in Munich, Bavaria, I`m so desperately longing for real liberty, that I know of no politician worth my simpathy and energy more than that old doctor from Texas. And by doing as much as a "meaningless" individual from abroad can do promoting a foreign longshot republican abroad and telling my german friends, who have never heard of him, that that guy could be the single most "big hope" for what we used to dream of: peace in the world - I meet the craziest, warmest, most diverse, energized, humorus, gentle, toughtfull, respectfull, tolerant (!) bunch of people on earth: the brillant wrighters and commentators of

You guys are the best. It is an honour as a fellow human being and concerned citizen of the world to witness your efforts.

Thank you!


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