Friday, 26 October 2007

Message from Colorado

I am sending this announcement to Ron Paul supporting blogs overseas. has launched.

Our goal is simple: to win the Colorado caucus on February 5 by getting Ron Paul grassroots supporters into the neighborhoods and winning the 3500 neighborhood precincts that will be meeting that night. Our use of the Internet is mainly organizational though we are compiling some issues information for those who are still making up their minds.

We are hoping that you can help in a few ways:
  1. Get out the word to American expats in your area who may be from Colorado.
  2. Get out the word to anyone in your area who knows people living in Colorado.
  3. Get out the word to anyone in your area who may be visiting Colorado this winter (eg skiing - esp Dec/Jan) to mention Ron Paul or even just talk about the election to the various people they meet while here. Tourism is a big business in Colorado and to have foreign visitors know about and mention Ron Paul will do a lot to raise awareness for those who don't follow politics.

In turn, we hope that some of the more public organizational/grassroots info that we post on our site will be helpful to you as you think about how to affect politics in your country.

Best regards,
Jeff Freeburg

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