Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Paris Freedom Fest 2009

Yesterday, I received this interesting invitation:

Dear Friends of Liberty,

You’re invited to the Paris Freedom Fest 2009, jointly sponsored by Libertarian International and Liberté Chérie.
The Freedom Fest will be held in Paris, 10–13 September 2009. Expect a memorable event. Crises and crunches have changed the public perception of the freedom movement. Now is the time to reflect, to redefine the issues and to restore confidence. Together with some leading lights of political philosophy, we will be introducing a new generation of activists and intellectual fighters — young, exciting, never-heard-before students and scholars. They explore radical ideas, they don’t shy from controversy, and they will change the conversation about freedom forever.
A conference is also the time when we catch up with foreign friends and make new ones. It is an inspirational moment, when we recharge our moral batteries.
Don’t miss it.
Christian Michel, Convenor of Paris Freedom Fest 2009

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