Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Proclamation of the Strasbourg Tea Party

Proclamation of the Strasbourg Tea Party
15-16 December 2007

On December 16, 2007, Ron Paul supporters from the United States and seven European nations (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, and United Kingdom) assembled in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, for the purpose demonstrating the broad base of international support that Dr. Ron Paul inspires by joining with their brothers and sisters in America celebrating the famous “Boston Tea Party” of 1773. On the previous day, many the participants attended a conference held to discuss ways to help Ron Paul’s campaign for president of the United States, and furthering the Ron Paul Revolution in Europe. The following statement was adopted by the participants:

We Proclaim:
  • Never before has a candidate for president of the United States inspired people around the world as Ron Paul has done.
  • Ron Paul has cured our apathy and inspired the enthusiasm of youth throughout Europe, just as he has in America. He has given us hope in limited government, and restored faith that democracy can work.
  • We thrill to his message of liberty and personal responsibility, which is so different from that of normal politicians, who see the people they are supposed to serve as little but helpless clients to be managed by the state.
  • We no longer wish to have our lives interfered with and controlled by bureaucrats.
  • We share Ron Paul’s concern for the stability of our financial system, and believe that sound money is essential for the economic health and financial stability of not only America but also of Europe and the rest of the world.
  • We share Ron Paul’s insight that our bloated governments and financial managers are controlled by special interests who are neither responsible nor responsive to the people.
  • We applaud Ron Paul for bringing these issues into the public consciousness, and dedicate ourselves to educating people about them.
  • We believe that Ron Paul’s call to return to the original principles of the United States Constitution, and of America’s Founders, is the best route to world peace and security.
  • We believe that Ron Paul’s foreign policy principles of respect for sovereignty and non-interventionism are as applicable to the European Union and to our own nations as they are to the United States.
  • Ron Paul has been called an “isolationist” by his opponents. We want Americans to know that Ron Paul is inspiring an international movement, and that he is the only candidate who is making friends for America and gathering broad-based international support.
  • We believe that Ron Paul has sparked a revolution of friendship between all those in Europe and America who share his values, and that this friendship and this Revolution will continue to grow in strength and depth.
  • We dedicate ourselves to supporting Ron Paul in his election campaign this year, supporting his goals when he is elected president, and bringing his message of liberty and personal responsibility to our own nations in Europe.

Adopted in Strasbourg by the participants of the Strasbourg Tea Party on the 15th and 16th days of December, Anno Domini 2007.


Sara said...

What a wonderful Christmas present to receive today in my e-mails....THANK YOU!...I have been wondering how to find out what our friends in Europe think about Ron Paul since I heard a comment from a Canadian that the whole world is watching the campaign. Maybe you can see more clearly what's going on, than the Americans who are being told he is a Isolationist, Kook, Fringe Element, Krank Case, and I'm sure it will get much worse, this week I heard he was a Fascist and a Hypocrit. It's like some Americans can't even go look up these words in the dictionary and then hold the meanings up to Ron Paul and see if they fit (they don't). I KNOW the mass media people know better but then, their jobs are on the line. Not a very good excuse; time to get a new job, rather than slander such a good man. How thrilling to read your words: "he is the only candidate who is making friends for America and gathering broad-based international support." This is true, free-will globablism instead of forced UN Globalism!!!

L Ron Hubbard said...

Watch Ron Paul videos. Learn about this great man and then educate others.

Lars Osterman said...

Fow News has excluded Ron Paul from their debate two days before the NH primary. Here is list of some key persons to hit with e-mail.

To: info@gop.com; ann.banker@FOXNEWS.COM; Dhuepoint@foxnews.com; fncspecials@foxnews.com; hannity@foxnews.com; Kim.Harvey@FOXNEWS.COM; david.huppert@FOXNEWS.COM; oreilly@foxnews.com; speakout@foxnews.com; foxnewsonline@foxnews.com; yourcomments@foxnews.com


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