Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address

Johnny Kramer wonders what it might look like.
The Ron Paul campaign has excited libertarians, but many people wonder what he could accomplish as president, facing a contrary Congress. While some of this is speculation and it’s not my intention to put words in Dr. Paul’s mouth, his inaugural address might sound something like this:

January 20, 2009

"My fellow citizens:

On November 4th of last year, you, the American people, overwhelmingly rejected the erosion of liberty that has occurred in this country during the 20th Century and into the 21st.

"You rejected having your money stolen through taxes and the inflationary fiat money of the government’s central bank.

You rejected deficit spending.

You rejected corporatism – the suppression of competition by government, at the behest of politically-connected businesses and at the expense of their competitors and of you, the consumer, under the guise of ‘consumer protection’; forced cartelization of industry; and of businesses profiting through the theft of being financed by tax dollars.

You rejected government healthcare.

You rejected nation-building and wars of foreign aggression.

You rejected the erosion of your civil liberties under the guise of fighting ‘terrorism.’

I know this because I promised, backed by a 30-year record of honesty and integrity, to do my best to put a stop to all of these things, and more, if you elected me to serve as your president. You had a choice to make that day: My agenda or the status quo. You chose my agenda. I humbly thank you, and I hope to repay your confidence during the next four years..."

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